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feat(counterexamples/zero_divisors_in_add_monoid_algebras + data/finsupp/lex): add a counterexample (#16236) This PR describes a counterexample to a possible weakening of lemmas finsupp.lex.covariant_class_le_left and its analogue finsupp.lex.covariant_class_le_right: assuming only monotonicity of addition, instead of strict monotonicity would not be strong enough to prove monotonicity of addition for finsupps. See also this Zulip discussion for related material.

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added theorem F.f010
added theorem F.f011
added theorem F.f110
added theorem F.f111
added theorem F.f1
added def F.val
added theorem F.z01
added def list.drop_until
added theorem single_zero_one