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refactor(algebraic_geometry/EllipticCurve): generalise elliptic curves into weierstrass curves (#17220) Relocate algebraic_geometry/EllipticCurve into algebraic_geometry/EllipticCurve/weierstrass, generalise the existing definition of elliptic curves into Weierstrass curves, and redefine elliptic curves as Weierstrass curves with non-zero discriminant.

Estimated changes

deleted theorem EllipticCurve.b_relation
deleted def EllipticCurve.b₂
deleted def EllipticCurve.b₄
deleted def EllipticCurve.b₆
deleted def EllipticCurve.b₈
deleted theorem EllipticCurve.c_relation
deleted theorem EllipticCurve.coe_Δ
deleted def EllipticCurve.c₄
deleted def EllipticCurve.c₆
deleted def EllipticCurve.j
deleted structure EllipticCurve
added def elliptic_curve.j
added structure elliptic_curve
added structure weierstrass_curve