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Commit 2019-09-23 22:04 604699b1

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feat(data|set_theory): various new lemmas (#1466)

  • various changes
  • move section on map down I need some lemmas about nth for maps, and this seemed like the nicest way to do it
  • some lemmas
  • replace app by append in names
  • lemmas from various proving grounds problems
  • sanity_check on list.basic
  • small fixes in ordinal and cardinal also open namespace equiv in ordinal
  • small changes
  • add docstring
  • fix
  • rename variable
  • simp caused a problem
  • update docstring
  • fix last two comments

Estimated changes

added theorem fin.coe_one
added theorem fin.coe_two
added theorem fin.coe_zero
modified theorem fin.injective_cast_le
added theorem fin.injective_val
added theorem fin.val_one
added theorem fin.val_two
modified theorem list.append_sublist_append
added theorem list.append_subset_iff
modified theorem list.bind_append
modified theorem list.bind_ret_eq_map
modified theorem list.chain'.iff_mem
added theorem list.doubleton_eq
added theorem list.empty_eq
modified theorem list.ilast'_mem
added theorem list.injective_length
added theorem list.injective_map_iff
added theorem list.insert_neg
added theorem list.insert_pos
added theorem list.join_join
modified theorem list.length_attach
modified theorem list.length_insert_of_mem
modified theorem list.map_eq_map
added theorem list.map_eq_map_iff
added theorem list.map_subset_iff
deleted theorem list.nodup_app_comm
added theorem list.nodup_append_comm
modified theorem list.nodup_append_of_nodup
modified theorem list.nth_le_attach
added theorem list.nth_le_map_rev
deleted theorem list.pairwise_app_comm
modified theorem list.rel_filter_map
added theorem list.singleton_eq