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Commit 2021-02-22 14:12 6d2726c6

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feat(number_theory/bernoulli): definition and properties of Bernoulli numbers (#6363)

Estimated changes

added def bernoulli'
added theorem bernoulli'_def'
added theorem bernoulli'_def
added theorem bernoulli'_four
added theorem bernoulli'_odd_eq_zero
added theorem bernoulli'_one
added theorem bernoulli'_spec'
added theorem bernoulli'_spec
added theorem bernoulli'_three
added theorem bernoulli'_two
added theorem bernoulli'_zero
modified def bernoulli
deleted theorem bernoulli_def'
deleted theorem bernoulli_def
deleted theorem bernoulli_four
deleted theorem bernoulli_odd_eq_zero
modified theorem bernoulli_one
deleted theorem bernoulli_power_series
deleted theorem bernoulli_spec'
deleted theorem bernoulli_spec
deleted theorem bernoulli_three
deleted theorem bernoulli_two
modified theorem bernoulli_zero
added theorem sum_bernoulli'
modified theorem sum_bernoulli