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Commit 2020-09-19 23:11 7013e5b7

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feat(category_theory/internal): commutative monoid objects (#4186) This reprises a series of our recent PRs on monoid objects in monoidal categories, developing the same material for commutative monoid objects in braided categories.

Estimated changes

added theorem Mod.assoc_flip
added def Mod.comap
added def Mod.comp
added theorem Mod.comp_hom'
added def Mod.forget
added structure Mod.hom
added def
added theorem Mod.id_hom'
added def Mod.regular
added structure Mod
deleted theorem Mod.assoc_flip
deleted def Mod.comap
deleted def Mod.comp
deleted theorem Mod.comp_hom'
deleted def Mod.forget
deleted structure Mod.hom
deleted def
deleted theorem Mod.id_hom'
deleted def Mod.regular
deleted structure Mod