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Commit 2020-11-15 04:56 9dd9b6b0

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refactor(archive/imo/imo1969_q1): prove infinite statement, cleanup (#4391) The previous formalization didn't quite prove that there were infinitely many natural numbers with the desired property, but rather that for any natural number there's a larger one with the property. This PR changes the ending to prove that the set of integers described in the problem statement is infinite.

Estimated changes

added def a_choice
added theorem a_choice_good
added theorem a_choice_strict_mono
modified theorem factorization
added def good_nats
modified theorem imo1969_q1
modified theorem int_large
deleted theorem int_not_prime
modified theorem left_factor_large
added theorem not_prime_of_int_mul'
modified theorem polynomial_not_prime
modified theorem right_factor_large