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Commit 2021-07-09 13:36 a312e7e2

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chore(topology/topological_fiber_bundle): reorganizing the code (#7938) What I do here:

  • Get rid of local_triv: it is not needed.
  • Change local_triv_ext to local_triv
  • Rename local_triv' as local_triv_as_local_equiv (name suggested by @sgouezel)
  • Improve type class inference by getting rid of dsimp in instances
  • Move results about bundle that do not need the topology in an appropriate file
  • Update docs accordingly. Nothing else.

Estimated changes

deleted theorem bundle.coe_fst
deleted theorem bundle.coe_snd_map_apply
deleted theorem bundle.coe_snd_map_smul
deleted def bundle.proj
deleted theorem bundle.to_total_space_coe
deleted def bundle.total_space
deleted def bundle.trivial