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Commit 2021-03-11 17:09 bd3695ac

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feat(data/complex/is_R_or_C): add linear maps for, im, conj and of_real (#6621) Add continuous linear maps and linear isometries (when applicable) for the following is_R_or_C functions: re, im, conj and of_real. Rename the existing continuous linear maps defined in complex.basic to adopt the naming convention of is_R_or_C.

Estimated changes

added def complex.conj_clm
added theorem complex.conj_clm_apply
added theorem complex.conj_clm_coe
added theorem complex.conj_clm_norm
added def complex.conj_li
modified theorem complex.continuous_conj
modified theorem complex.continuous_im
modified theorem complex.continuous_re
added def complex.im_clm
added theorem complex.im_clm_apply
added theorem complex.im_clm_coe
added theorem complex.im_clm_norm
modified theorem complex.isometry_conj
modified theorem complex.isometry_of_real
added def complex.re_clm
added theorem complex.re_clm_apply
added theorem complex.re_clm_coe
added theorem complex.re_clm_norm