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Commit 2022-08-02 17:04 c06c6806

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feat(algebraic_geometry/EllipticCurve): add 2-torsion polynomials and changes of variables (#15230)

Estimated changes

deleted def EllipticCurve.b2
deleted def EllipticCurve.b4
deleted def EllipticCurve.b6
deleted def EllipticCurve.b8
deleted def EllipticCurve.c4
deleted theorem EllipticCurve.c4_def
added theorem EllipticCurve.coe_Δ
deleted def EllipticCurve.disc
deleted theorem EllipticCurve.disc_def
modified def EllipticCurve.j
modified structure EllipticCurve