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Commit 2020-06-10 00:06 f1df14c2

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feat(group_theory/subgroup): normal_closure and gpowers (#2959) Transfer some more proofs from deprecated/subgroup

Estimated changes

added theorem add_subgroup.coe_gsmul
added theorem add_subgroup.coe_smul
added structure add_subgroup.normal
added def group.conjugates
modified theorem monoid_hom.normal_ker
modified def monoid_hom.range
modified theorem subgroup.bot_normal
added theorem subgroup.coe_gpow
modified theorem subgroup.coe_inv
modified theorem subgroup.coe_mk
modified theorem subgroup.coe_mul
modified theorem subgroup.coe_one
added theorem subgroup.coe_pow
added def subgroup.gpowers
added theorem subgroup.mem_gpowers
added theorem subgroup.normal.comap
deleted theorem subgroup.normal.conj_mem
added structure subgroup.normal
added theorem subgroup.normal_comap
added def subgroup.of_div