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Commit 2022-12-08 18:41 3c72a10e

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refactor(algebra/algebra/{pi,prod}): extract into new files (#17853) This matches group/pi and ring/pi etc. The lemma algebra.algebra_map_prod_apply has been renamed to prod.algebra_map_apply. Everything else has been moved without changes.

Estimated changes

deleted theorem alg_hom.coe_prod
deleted def alg_hom.fst
deleted theorem alg_hom.fst_prod
deleted def
deleted def alg_hom.prod_equiv
deleted theorem alg_hom.prod_fst_snd
deleted def alg_hom.snd
deleted theorem alg_hom.snd_prod
deleted theorem pi.algebra_map_apply
deleted theorem pi.algebra_map_def
deleted def pi.const_alg_hom
deleted def pi.eval_alg_hom